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OMC Towmasters install concrete caisson for Storstrømsbroen

Existing Storstrømsbroen

Making your next trip to Denmark and Scandinavia even easier.

The Danish Road Directorate have approved plans to build a new bridge to replace the existing Storstrømsbroen road and railway arch bridge that crosses the Storstrømmen.

The new bridge will connect the Danish isles of Lolland and Sjaelland via Masnedø by road, pedestrian and bicycle paths as well as electric railway; forming an important part of the railway corridor between Copenhagen and Germany and on to the rest of Europe highlighting its regional significance. Once completed, the bridge will be approximately 4 km long making it Denmark’s third longest bridge behind the Great Belt Bridge at 6.7 km and the Øresund Bridge at a whopping 7.8 km.

OMC was approached to provide Towmaster expertise and apply our rig move specialist skills to a different type of project. Our expert Towmasters were tasked with transporting and installing a 12-tonne concrete caisson being used to support the project. This construction move was one of our more unusual jobs slightly outside normal realms of OMC operation however our skills and knowledge are applicable across many different industries and projects; we were able to adapt and employ standard rig move operational expertise and procedures tailored to this scope.

OMC rig move professionals worked under incredible precision installing the caisson with only 5cm of exact accuracy: another successful notch on our belt. The project was managed in close cooperation with Danish logistics company Mammoet specialising in engineered heavy lifting and transport of heavy objects.

The new Storstrømsbroen project has a total budget of approximately 4.1-billion-krone, equivalent to 550 million euros. OMC are proud to have been part of such an important construction development for not only Denmark but the whole Scandinavian region of euro.

The bridge is expected to be ready for car traffic by 2025 and open to railways by 2027.