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Blast from the Past – 10 Years Ago

Installation Project

We are taking a look back at an installation project that was completed by our BV team 10 years ago.

On Tuesday 7th May 2013, OMC completed the transport and installation of the Global Tech One transformer platform.  This project was conducted in close co-operation with Keppel Verolme, now known as Damen Verolme.

Global Tech One is a Mobile Offshore Application Barge (MOAB).  This is a self-installing platform concept, where the hull is designed to be self-floating, with the substructure fitted with suction cans attached.

OMC installed the platform in the German sector of the North Sea at a water depth of approximately 40 metres.  As the MOAB was to be installed within a narrow positioning tolerance, and with no winches installed on the barge, a dedicated system was engineered for positioning the MOAB.

In preparation for the project, an anchor-pattern was pre-laid by AHTS Boulder. The AHTS Boulder then carried out the 200 nautical mile tow from Keppel Verolme Shipyard, Rotterdam to the Global Tech windfarm, in the central German Bight.

The tow of the MOAB began on the 2nd of May 2013 under the towage of sister vessels AHTS Boulder and AHTS Blizzard, each 130 TBP.  Under the guidance of the OMC Towmaster the ASD tugs Ginger, Bugsier 9 and Triton were connected to the pre-laid anchor-pattern and MOAB to act as winching tugs.  After releasing the sea-fastenings and preparing the substructure, the MOAB’s suction cans touched the seabed within the desired tolerance on 7th May 2013.

Installing Global Tech One’s MOAB was a ground-breaking project within the renewables and offshore construction sector.  During the transportation and installation campaign OMC, on behalf of Keppel Verolme, provided equipment, personnel and consultancy in the form of:

– Tugs and marine spread

–  Towmaster

– Installation Manager

– Marine procedures and consultancy

– Anchor equipment

– Towing equipment

– Logistics as supply vessels and helicopter flights

By taking a look back at past projects, our team are able to grow and deepen their knowledge of marine operations.  We can also celebrate our achievements as marine specialists.  We can use this valuable information and ‘lessons learned’ for continual improvement for future scopes carried out within our team.

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