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SPAR Platform in the Gulf of Mexico

In close cooperation with Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC), OMC provided offshore marine assistance during the removal and reefing of a well-known SPAR platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The specific SPAR platform was the first platform which was designed for production, the unit was installed in 1996 in nearly 600m water depth 60nm south of the Alabama coast. After the removal of the platform’s topside and cleaning the SPAR, the six mooring lines and risers connecting the platform to the seabed have been disconnected. OMC Towmasters supported the operation whilst maintaining the 22-metre diameter spar in position. Once the last mooring line was cut, the SPAR platform was towed to it is reefing location where the Spar was lowered in the required position to the seabed to start a new life as an artificial reef.

The SPAR has been a significant offshore marine habitat since its service initiation in the late 1990s. The decommissioned rig will support research on marine life, monitoring and habitat restoration. The durability of the spar structure will continue to support a stable offshore ecosystem in the years to come.

Download the full case study here.