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Large.  Huge.  Gigantic.  Further larger scale success for OMC’s Marine Audit team

Large. Huge. Gigantic. Marine Audit

OMC offer a fully comprehensive marine audit service to protect your people, assets and the planet. We don’t compromise on safety, and you shouldn’t either. The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID/e-CMID) and Marine Inspection for Small Workboats (MISW) audits are industry recognised documentation providing standardised formats for offshore vessels inspections that OMC pride ourselves on offering. Over the last few weeks, our marine assurance team have completed several vessel suitability surveys as well as CMID inspections on board massive construction vessels Thialf, Sleipnir and Pioneering Spirit.

Thialf is a semi-submersible crane vessel operated by Heerema Marine Contractors. This vessel is a multi-talented machine capable of everything from deep-water installation to monopiles to 14,200 metric ton lift capacity. Thialf was once the largest semi-submersible crane vessel at a humongous in the world length of 200 metres only to be eclipsed by fellow Heerema Marine Contractors operated vessel Sleipnir.

Sleipnir is 220 metres long with a lift capacity of 20,000 metric tons fully equipped with the ability to run on emission-reducing LNG leading the charge in sustainable vessel operations. The record-breaking vessel is used for installation and removal jackets, topsides, and modules and also the installation of foundations, moorings, and structures in deep water. Sleipnir is huge, but Pioneering Spirit is colossal.

Pioneering Spirit is the world’s largest construction vessel longer than Thialf and Sleipnir combined at a gigantic 477 metres in length. The Pioneering spirit can accommodate a crew of 571 persons. Formally known as Pieter Schelte, this vessel is owned and operated by Allseas Group designed for the single-lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms and the installation of record-weight pipelines.

The sheer size of each of the three vessels highlights why it is so important that they are meticulously and exhaustively inspected to ensure various extensive scrutinises and industry regulations are met. All three construction vessels are preparing for upcoming projects on and around the North Sea. OMC’s fully qualified Master Mariners and CMID accredited surveyors extensively inspect vessels to meet these stringent regulations and these audits can be delivered on a global scale, at short notice around the North Sea.

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